The company:Zhangjiagang city. Taking the machinery manufacturing co., LTD
Contacts:Jiang Bing
The phone:0512-58570091
A mobile phone:13906247300
Zip code:215624
Address:Jiangsu zhangjiagang city of the

Zhangjiagang city. Taking the beverage machinery manufacturing co., LTD. Is specializing in the production of complete sets of mechanical equipment。Companies adhere to the market as the guidance、Quality as the main line、After-sales service as guarantee,The establishment of a sound quality assurance system,And equipped with perfect testing and testing facilities。The company has a high-quality technology development and production staff,Have rich experience in design and manufacture。  The company wholeheartedly to the general new and old customers at home and abroad to provide all kinds of carbonated drinks、Pure water、Mineral water、Fruit juice、Fruit tea、Soy milk、Such as the consumption of liquid bottled wines and spirits、Canned、The cup、Buckets of complete sets of equipment and drinking water、Mineral water、Pure water and other kinds of water treatment equipment
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