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Source material
Dovetree like growth at an altitude1500-2200M the wetting of evergreen broadleaf deciduous broad-leaved mixed forests。Born in wet places of air,Xi neutral or slightly acidic humus deep soil,In the dry and windy、The poor direct sunlight place growth,Not resistant to be barren,Not resistant to drought。Seedling growth is slow,Damp,Adult trees tend to be very bright light。
Strictly controlled
Goldenrain tree bud late spring,Early autumn leaves,So every year growth period is shorter,Slow growth,Wood can only be used in the manufacture of small appliances,Industrial oil seeds can press system。
The electronic commerce
Osmanthus in the late spring the most suitable for cultivation,Osmanthus tree planting hole to dig deep and wide。Engraftment,With soil ball went for cultivation。Don't too deep planting,Necessary bulldozing cultivation in the ground。If the plant is tall,The need when engraftment with wooden stakes,At the same time a lot of pruning。
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Our six major advantages

1Professional planting base Professional planting base

We are a company mainly dovetree seedlings,Large seedling planting base has a variety of greening tree species。

Easily solve the problem of nursery stock supply,Price have absolute advantage,We all have personal care of nursery stock;

2Superior performance characteristics Superior performance characteristics

Golden crown of gold leaf metasequoia beautiful all the year round,The golden pinnate stability without fading phenomenon

Blade shape as a feather,The leaves in spring、In the summer、Autumn three season always keep fresh beautiful yellow,Fast growth,To adapt to the range,Hardy,Heat resistance, and many other features。

3For grafting Easy Grafting Cultivation

Grafting reproduction,The highest survival rate,The strongest traits stability,In the spring and autumn period and the two seasons。

Whether it's branches、The high pile removable nipple bud grafting or ordinary metasequoia grafting,The survival rate is high。

4Plant high survival High survival of plants

Sex is strong,Fast growth,Mai height more than1M,More than in diameter1Centimeters;The frost resistance、Resistance to water;Resistance to pollution、Resistance to diseases and pests;Hardy heat-resistant,Maintenance cost is low;

Cultivation of easy,Simple reproduction;Can be cutting,Can be grafted,In reproductive survival rate95%The above。

5A new era of green The greening of the new age

With the progress of society、The development of the economy,The appeal of urban color landscape plants will be more and more high;

“The color is changed、Hierarchical、Health”Gradually become a measure of the current living environment、The botanical garden scenic important measure of quality。

6Perfect pre-sale、After-sales service Perfect pre-sale and after-sale service

From see seedlings to loading,There are for transportation

24Hours service hotline,Offer customers all the seedlings、Transportation、The information such as plant maintenance。

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Dovetree seedlings

Dovetree seedlings

The cooperation with dovetree initial derived from the network,See products on the Internet attracts me,So start line contact,Through a series of field research,Clearly know their strength,With this...

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Good seedlings

Good seedlings

Since the company since its establishment,Cooperation has been their home,Pin products belong to the first grade in the similar varieties,Quality is unified,The finished product,Kind of...

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Gold leaf Chinese fir products

Gold leaf Chinese fir products

We and the dovetree home cooperation for many years,Their house plants,The pall,Reasonable price,The same quality,The price is lower than the peers!High survival rate...

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Seedling seed series

Seedling seed series

We have cooperation with dovetree home3Years,They house the seeds of seedling is pass,The type is complete,Purchasing rise very convenient also。They particularly in place of service...

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About us

Lichuan city dovetree miao didn't co., LTD

Lichuan city friends seedling professional cooperatives is approved by the superior authorities,Fusion Lin Miao、Urban greening seedlings、Economic forest seedling、Planting flowers and bonsai cultivation、Sales、As well as information technology and consulting for the integration of professional cooperatives。

   Undertake various afforestation、The botanical garden、Landscaping and other projects。Officially founded in company,Started planting green seedlings。After our commune members,By the articles of association of the conference,Elected jiegu interviewed for the legal representative,The literature for the managing director。The city forestry bureau Zhu Jianfu for technical engineers。Administrative office director、Accounting、Financial、Production、Sales of specialized farmer planting cooperatives。Pavilion offices all offices located in lichuan city suburb villages five groups public square a lane number。

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Osmanthus seedling diseases and insect pests prevention and treatment
Osmanthus tree common pest insect pest shell main、Mites(Starscream)、(limacodidae(Caterpillar)And so on。Mite is also called starscream,Prostagland blades were killed,A yellowish gray,There are tiny、Huang Zhong with white speckles,Young leaves in mid-may murdered blade deformation、Uneven,Golden brown patches。Prevention and management
Osmanthus seedling cultivation techniques
Almost all the year round can breed osmanthus,But the osmanthus osmanthus varieties breeding ability difference than others,To a large number of breeding early flowering、Trunk straight osmanthus seedlings,Summer twig cuttage seedling is the main means,Are presented as follows:Soil preparation:Can dig twice in winter,And the high20
Osmanthus seedling morphological characteristics of
Cyme clusters in axil,Or to brush,Many flowers every axillary;Bracts ovate wide,Qualitative thick,Long2-4Mm,With a small point,Glabrous;Pedicel thin,Long4-10Mm,Glabrous;Flower fragrance;Calyx long1Mm,Lobes slightly irregular;Corolla yellow-white、

+ More and moreBase in the newsThe dynamic of the industry

The development prospect of gold leaf metasequoia is analysed

The development prospect of gold leaf metasequoia is analysed

With the progress of society、The development of the economy,The appeal of urban color landscape plants will be more and more high;The traditional widely greening plant material colour is single、Greening form drab,By far cannot satisfy the masses of users and the personage inside course of study in the greening engineering of color configuration needs;

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